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Maui Disaster Relief & Recovery

As of August 2023, Hawaiʻi Online Pro Bono has expanded their question topics to answer basic Maui Disaster relief questions in the areas of Private Landlord/Tenant, Family Law, Collections/Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning.

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7th Annual Taste of Justice

We are heartbroken over the losses on Maui, and as an organization and individually have reflected on how best to provide support. The losses experienced by those who were directly impacted remain immeasurable, and we understand their immediate needs for shelter, financial and emotional support, and more.

VLSH has been expanding and pivoting our policies and programs to support the Maui community in the best way we can: helping to expand access to legal services. Our policy changes include waiving all administrative fees for Maui residents and working with the American Bar Association to increase income limits for ABA Free Legal Answers Hawaii (aka Hawaii Online Pro Bono) so that individuals are not disqualified as a result of support funds they may receive. We have organized virtual Maui legal clinics, and are planning Maui in-person clinics, assisting in pro bono attorney recruitment and continuing to seek additional ways to further aid the people of Maui. It will never feel like enough, but we hope these changes to our programs will help more Maui residents access legal advice and services.

To support both this shift of our efforts and the legal services we provide to communities across Hawai‘i, please consider attending or sponsoring our annual 7th Annual Taste of Justice fundraiser.

Café Julia
Thursday, October 12, 2023
5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

To purchase tickets online: https://vlshtoj2023.eventbrite.com