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Maui Disaster Relief & Recovery

As of August 2023, Hawaiʻi Online Pro Bono has expanded their question topics to answer basic Maui Disaster relief questions in the areas of Private Landlord/Tenant, Family Law, Collections/Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning.

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Mahalo to our Pro Bono Attorneys!

Volunteer Legal is able to provide quality legal services through the generous donation of volunteer and pro bono services of attorneys across the state. Volunteer Legal has over 200 active volunteer attorneys who have generously donated over 2,288 hours in person, over the phone consults, and online. These services were valued at over $800,000 in 2022!

In 2022, Volunteer Legal qualified over 924 individuals for services; each receiving legal advice and consult, brief services, and/or full representation. Over an additional thousand callers were contacted and properly referred to other agencies to address issues beyond Volunteer Legal’s expertise and capacity. Volunteer Legal’s clients needed assistance in family law (55%), estate planning (4%), bankruptcy (5%), district court related matters (16%), veteran benefits (1%), and license reinstatement (16%). The remaining matters (3%) included, but not limited to, cases that involved the Intermediate Court of Appeals and Supreme Court