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Maui Disaster Relief & Recovery

As of August 2023, Hawaiʻi Online Pro Bono has expanded their question topics to answer basic Maui Disaster relief questions in the areas of Private Landlord/Tenant, Family Law, Collections/Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning.

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Maui Fires Resources

Our hearts are broken over the devastation and immeasurably loss that has occurred to our neighbors in Maui. Our thoughts and Aloha are with all those affected by this tragedy. Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii (VLSH) remains committed to assisting Maui residents in the difficult weeks and months ahead.

Over the coming weeks, we will do our best to provide the Maui community with information and resources they may need. VLSH is coordinating with Legal Aid Society of Hawaii to distribute information and legal resources to those in need. All VLSH administrative fees are now waived for impacted Maui residents who need legal assistance.

Please know that VLSH has free services for qualified low to moderate income Hawaii residents in the areas of family law, private landlord/tenant, collections, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate planning, small claims, and Veteran’s disability benefits:

  1. Virtual legal clinics (phone) that provide advice and counsel. Call 808-528-7046 or complete an online intake at www.vlsh.org
  2. Ask basic legal questions at the American Bar Association Free Legal Answers Hawaii (aka Hawaii Online Pro Bono).



Legal Aid of Hawaii links:


Landlord-Tenant Information http://www.lawhelp.org/.../problems-with-my-landlord-home... | LawHelp.org/HI

Avoid scams: https://consumer.ftc.gov/.../picking-pieces-after-maui...

Other organization to donate to: Maui Strong - Hawaii Community Foundation https://www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/maui-strong

VLSH will be sharing links to other resources in the coming weeks.

With much Aloha,

Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii