Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii

Appellate Pro Bono Program

Appellate or Supreme Court Pro Bono Cases


The Appellate Pro Bono Program is a joint effort of the Hawaiʻi Judiciary, the Hawaiʻi State Bar Association’s Appellate Division, and Volunteer Legal Services Hawaiʻi to match volunteer attorneys with self-represented litigants who are parties to an appeal. Cases in the program are limited to non-criminal appeals in the following civil matters: foreclosure, summary possession, employment discrimination, workers' compensation, wrongful termination, denial of unemployment benefits, state tax appeals, probate matters, and paternity and non-married custody cases.

Applicants must demonstrate that a notice of appeal has been filed in their matter, and must establish with Volunteer Legal Services Hawaiʻi that they meet income qualifications for the program. Qualification for the program, or assignment of an attorney, is not guaranteed. Parties accepted to the program also remain responsible for all costs of litigation, including transcript-preparation costs.

Interested parties should contact appellate@vlsh.org, or by calling 808-528-7046.