Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii

Hawaiʻi Online Pro Bono

American Bar Association Free Legal Answers

Step One: See if You Qualify

Answer a few questions to see if you qualify for this service. Hawaiʻi Online Pro Bono is created for low-income individuals. If you qualify, register for an account at https://hawaii.freelegalanswers.org.

Step Two: Ask a Question

Ask our Volunteer Attorneys a specific question about your civil legal question. You have the ability to upload supporting documents for the Volunteer Attorney to review. See the website for eligible legal topics our Volunteer Attorneys can answer.

Step Three: Check Your E-Mail

You'll soon receive an e-mail telling you when you've received a response from a Volunteer Attorney. You may need to provide more information to the Volunteer Attorney.

Step Four: Log Back In

See the response to your question; ask more questions. You may ask up to 3 different questions per year.

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