Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii

Re-Employment and Community Service Program (RACS)



The Re-Employment and Community Service Program (RACS) program is designed to assist those who want to be employed but are held back due to a license stopper for unpaid traffic fines. The purpose of the RACS program is to recall eligible unpaid Oʻahu traffic tickets from collections in order to assist Hawaiʻi residents in lifting court-imposed driver's license stoppers from their records. Numerous studies have shown that a person is eligible for increased employment opportunities as a direct result of obtaining and maintaining a driver's license.

Individuals with outstanding non-felony civil traffic infraction citations (possibly including Driving without License HRS 286-102, and No Motor Vehicle Insurance 431:10C-104) on Oʻahu may be eligible for this program. Volunteer Legal Services Hawaiʻi staff and Volunteer Attorneys assist RACS participants with drafting court documents to recall outstanding traffic cases which allows the underlying citation fines to be converted to community service hours at the discretion of the presiding judge. In some instances, the fines and fees may be reduced, or a payment plan may be arranged. Volunteer Attorneys accompanying program participants to court is based on volunteer availability; representation cannot be guaranteed.

This is a very popular program at Volunteer Legal Services Hawaiʻi and currently there is a wait list. Please call the intake line (808-528-7046) to see if you qualify and will be put on the wait list.

*For those interested in requesting the removal of a driver's license and/or motor vehicle registration stopper pursuant to Act 59 (2020), please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Petition to Remove Stopper Form below.