Restricted License Program

Temporary license for Full-Time employment

The Restricted License Program is designed to assist those who are employed full-time but are unable to drive to work due to drivers’ license stoppers for unpaid traffic fines. Due to financial hardship, these individuals cannot pay off their unpaid traffic fines but need to drive because (1) their employer requires them to drive or (2) they have no alternative transportation to get to work. Through the Restricted License Program, we help these individuals negotiate a payment plan with the court to pay off said fines in exchange for a temporary restricted drivers’ license. Obtaining this restricted drivers’ license will help these individuals maintain their employment, get to work safely and gain more opportunities for growth in their employment.

Employed individuals with outstanding non-felony civil traffic infraction citations (possibly including Driving without License HRS 286-102, and No Motor Vehicle Insurance 431:10C-104) on Oʻahu may be eligible for this program. Volunteer Legal Services Hawai’i staff and Volunteer Attorneys assist in preparing the necessary court documents requesting the restricted license and proposing a payment plan to the court. Participants must appear in court for a short hearing where the proposal will be heard at the discretion of the presiding judge. Volunteer Attorneys accompanying program participants to court is based on volunteer availability; representation cannot be guaranteed.

Participants must be able to provide certain required documents to VLSH as exhibits to the proposal:

1.Copy of Government issued photo identification card (i.e. driver’s license, state ID);

2. Original certified letter of Driver License Status from the City and County of Honolulu DMV, dated within the last thirty (30) days;

3. Original Traffic Abstract dated within the last thirty (30) days (for information on how to obtain Traffic Abstract:;

4. Recent paystub;

5. Recent rent receipt that includes your name, current address, rent amount and rent period;

6. List of utilities/monthly expenses; and

7. Letter from your employer, indicating the necessity for you to drive (optional).

Participants are screened for program eligibility by Volunteer Legal Services Hawai’i staff. Please call the intake line (808-528-7046) to see if you qualify. If found ineligible for the Restricted License Program, callers may alternatively apply for our Re-employment and Community Services Program (RACS). Please navigate to our RACS tab if interested.